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 Cardano  // crypto's worst kept secret.

Not  just a token // it is a network // things are built on it, just like the internet.

The Opportunity

It's greatest potential for growth lies not in it's native token (ADA) // but in the projects being built in its ecosystem.

Finding & investing in these projects early - when they're most profitable, is difficult.

The Problem

Projects are riskiest whilst they are just starting out // but also most rewarding...

There is a lot of noise in the market // Scams, well-intentioned but poorely managed projects, barriers to entry.

You can never know which specific project will make it // but you know the ecosystem as a whole is growing.

Most of us are time-poor and money-poor // we need a curated, diversified, automated way of investing...

Moongang - The Solution

Moongang is an innovative new way to invest in Cardano ecosystem projects, with almost no upfront capital required by participants. It provides a steady revenue stream to teams building projects on the cardano ecosystem, which have been handpicked and curated by the moongang council for quality assurance.


The cardano ecosystem is flourishing, and now is a prime time to get involved. All you need to do is focus on accumulating ADA - and let it work for you.


The moongang council will handpick the best projects and teams in the ecosystem, and work directly with them to provide the best rates for moongang members. We minimise risk and maximise returns for our members at every step.

# Let your money work for you

Moongang - Members

You contributions to moongang come from your participation in the moongang stake pool.


The fees are set to 80%. 15% of these fees are used to run the network, and are taken as a commission for our curation and token distribution services.


The remaining 85% are used to purchase tokens from accredited partners - teams building projects on the cardano ecosystem which have undergone a rigorous assessment to ensure their projects have a high chance of success. These tokens are automatically sent back to your wallet.


#Staking rewards used to invest =

No risk of losing your capital

Moongang - Partners

In addition for exchanging ADA from our stakepool to fund your project, your project will receive our highly coveted stamp of approval; an indicator that the moongang council believes in your team and the future of your project, and that you fulfill our vigorous quality assurance standards.


You are allowing community members to invest in you, without having to sacrifice the lucrative investment that often comes from angel/private investors.


#A steady stream of income for your team & accredition

[insert how this is a model to counteract centralisation of ISOs but still allow participation in ecosystem projects]

[Other stakepools can use our model and accredition, strict criteria for accrediting]

Caveats - Risks and how we intend to minimise them

[[Download this proposal in card format]